I called for an appointment, went in and no hesitation they found the problem with me. The staff was extremely helpful to my needs. I will recommend this place to anyone. Close to my home. I am happy to be a patient with them.
Robert Lane

Doctor Hutson is amazing. He will get you up and going and does it gently, so important when you hurt.
BT Smith

When I first started visiting Dr. Hutson, I was struggling with my school dramatically. I was depressed all the time and I stayed in my room everyday after school. I had constant depressing thoughts. I went through years of counseling and it made me feel like I was going no where. I honestly thought I was running in circles. I was put on all sorts of medications. Some made me shaky, moody, sleepy and one even made me lose 14 pounds. I went from 105 pounds to 91 pounds. My mom started seeing Dr. Hutson and she told him my story. He was generous enough to help me. I was so happy to visit him because counseling wasn’t exactly my favorite place. I met Dr. Hutson and he x-rayed me and my spine was messed up. I’ve been seeing Dr. Hutson for one month now and I am much happier. I feel better, I concentrate easier and I am more responsible. Dr. Hutson has honestly changed my life. I’m so glad I agreed to visit Dr. Hutson.
Andrea Anderson, Amity, AR

In January 2005, I was involved in a car accident. I came to Dr. Hutson’s office the day it happened. By the time I got there I had pain and limited mobility of my neck. Dr. Hutson took x-rays and adjusted me and I was able to go to school the next morning. I continued coming to Dr. Hutson and I now have no pain and complete mobility. I’m still in amazement that I made it through this ordeal with no medication! Thank you to Dr. Hutson and all the staff at Family Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic.
Haley Horn, Glenwood, AR

I want to thank Dr. Hutson and his friendly, efficient staff for what they have done to improve my quality of life over the past year and a half. It is so easy to ignore symptoms or tell yourself it is just the normal aging process. Dr. Hutson’s treatment has reversed that process for me, relieved pain and other symptoms and enhanced my enjoyment of family, work and life in general.
Dr. Chester V. Clark, DDS Amity, AR

My spine was a mess before Dr. Hutson began treatment in the fall of 2011 after I had an auto accident. In that accident, my hip was knocked out of place, my neck sustained more damage, and my lower back was spasming much of the time. Not only did Dr. Hutson relieve symptoms, but in a short time, my hip was realigned, my spine was realigned, and my neck was realigned. As far as I am concerned, chiropractic care is my ‘health insurance’ and the Medicare I pay for every month is my ‘illness insurance.’ Dr. Hutson and his staff are professional, caring people, and I recommend people to Family Chiropractic services any time I see a need for quality chiropractic care.
Sandi Wilson